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Orlando Vehicle Wraps

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Vehicle wraps are ideal for promoting your brand and increasing your business visibility, while adding a level of professionalism and uniformity to your fleet vehicles. Cohesive wraps serve as a constant advertisement for your business, whether they are parked at your location, on a job site, performing deliveries around town, or even as you do errands. Orlando Sign Company is Orlando’s top resource for attractive commercial vehicle wraps, handling every aspect of the wrap process, from design to expert installation.

Vehicle WrapConverting your vehicle into a traveling advertisement means a huge increase in exposure and visibility for your business and brand. However, the effectiveness of your wrap hinges on the impactfulness of your design. Both the vehicle type and your messaging needs to be carefully considered so that the right elements are placed in a way that complements the natural shape of the vehicle while ensuring that your most important information can’t be missed.

Precision wrap manufacturing and installation is a job for a professional. Expert installation requires skill and talent to properly manipulate the vinyl material, leaving you with a polished, attractive wrap that says a lot about the professionalism of your business. At Orlando Sign Company, we handle every stage of the wrap process, delivering an attractive, compelling wrap that works hard for your business, and looks fantastic while doing it.

The Power of Branded Fleet Vehicles

Commercial Fleet Vehicle WrapsMost businesses utilize more than one vehicle, and more than one vehicle type, to perform their daily work functions. You may have work trucks and trailers that visit job sites, personal vehicles for executives, semi trucks and trailers for over the road transport, box trucks for in-town deliveries, or even golf carts, jeeps, boats, lawnmowers, or motorcycles that can serve as an advertisement for your business and brand. While you obtain the obvious benefit of increased visibility, branded fleet wraps can also provide an additional benefit.

What many may not realize is the impact that a branded fleet vehicle has on the customer perception of your business. Even if a customer is expecting you, when you show up at their home, in uniform with a branded company vehicle, the customer instantly feels relieved and reassured that you are, in fact, affiliated with the organization you claim. This can not only improve the treatment that your company representatives receive, it also increases your brand loyalty, and improves the chance of that customer leaving your company a glowing review.

Coverage Options for Every Budget

While full vehicle wraps are an attractive, impactful way to market your business, it is not always the right option for every business, need, and budget. We provide several options for personalizing your vehicle so that you can still benefit from the increased visibility a branded vehicle provides. Based on your needs, we can help you choose the option that is best for you.

Orlando Vehicle Wraps vehicle wrap options

Full Vehicle Wraps

Custom Trailer WrapA complete vehicle wrap provides seamless coverage for the total exterior of your car, including hood, bumpers, door panels, even handles, and mirrors. This option allows you to truly create an impressive mobile ad for your business, garnering attention everywhere you go. At Orlando Sign Company, we ensure that your message is prominent and clearly understood so that even with only a moments glance, your brand identity is easily recognized and remembered.

Our expert design team assists with creating an attractive, impactful vehicle wrap that utilizes your brand colors, elements, and most important messaging. We customize your design to your particular vehicle type, ensuring that elements will complement the natural lines of your vehicle. As a full wrap, this not only gives you the benefits of consistent marketing, it also provides a protective layer to one of your most valuable business assets- your vehicles. A high-quality, durable wrap protects your original paint job from road wear and weathering, allowing you to retain a higher resale value for your fleet.

Partial Ad Wraps

Partial Vehicle Wrap

If you enjoy the sharp, seamless look of a total wrap, but don’t need the coverage, or don’t have the budget, a partial wrap can accomplish a lot for your marketing dollar. Instead of complete coverage, a partial wrap focuses on one specific element or area of your vehicle, such as the hood, tailgate, door panels, or back portion of the vehicle.

Just as we do with full wraps, we provide complete expert design services for partial wraps. Our team can assist you with understanding just how much coverage you need to effectively get your message across, and can make recommendations to maximize your message while minimizing waste to provide you with a cost-efficient option.

Vinyl Vehicle Graphics

Orlando Vehicle Wraps IMG 20180514 165023 1 300x225Want a single graphic, vinyl lettering, or just want to add basic information to your vehicle or door panel? As a cost-efficient option, we can create individual cut vinyl graphics that can be applied directly to your vehicle exactly where you want. While these don’t provide the fully protective coverage that a total wrap offers, they still provide you the ability to personalize your commercial vehicles with your brand elements at a fraction of the cost. We help you determine what the right option is based on your vehicle, your brand, and your budget.

Vehicle Magnets

Orlando Vehicle Wraps vehicle magnet business sign outdoor collection wrap 300x181A popular option for contractors who work for multiple firms, those who live in ad-restricted neighborhoods, or those who use their work vehicles for personal purposes, vehicle magnets are an inexpensive, removable way to promote your brand anytime. While vehicle magnets do not have the seamless look of a wrap, there are many color, size, and shape options, and the image or text you apply to them is completely customized to your business and brand.

Call Orlando Sign Company at (407) 890-8813 for assistance with selecting the right vehicle graphics for your needs.

Cohesive Wraps For All Vehicle Types

Custom Boat WrapWe provide complete vehicle branding options for all vehicle types, sizes, and marketing needs. We can wrap a single vehicle, or your entire fleet in complementary, brand enhancing wraps that promote your business in a professional, memorable way. While vehicle wraps can assist any business type with brand promotion, they are ideal for those who frequently travel for business, perform work at the homes of their customers and clients, or are frequently moving between various job-sites, such as:

  • Independent Contractors
  • Landscapers
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Roofers
  • Builders
  • Pool Builders
  • Repairmen
  • Installers
  • Food Trucks
  • Delivery Vehicles
  • or any business without a traditional storefront?

Whether you have a delivery company that deploys thousands of vehicles every day, are a local mechanic, have just purchased your first food truck, or simply want to promote your brand in an attractive way, our staff is dedicated to delivering the right solution for your vehicle graphic needs.

Our Vehicle Wrap options include:

Our goal is to be your complete signage provider, manufacturing all of the sign and graphic products you need for business identification and brand promotion. We are a full-service sign company, handling design through installation of all of your interior signs, exterior signs, trade show displays, and more.

Full-Service Wrap Supplier

Custom van wrapA locally owned Orlando vehicle wrap supplier, Orlando Sign Company is dedicated to providing you with an outstanding product and experience. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce creative designs, attentive fabrication, and expert installation for all of our signage products.

For your vehicle wrap to be an effective marketing tool, we must first understand what your most important business message is. Since a wrap is typically only seen for a few moments at a time, it is crucial that you create a concise message that clearly promotes your most valuable products or services. We understand the importance of impactful wrap design, and have the tools to ensure that the vision our designers create for you is accurately depicted in the final wrap product you receive.

Professional installation is just as important as focused design. Our attentive staff ensures that each component is properly aligned and free of bubbles or warping, so you can be confident your vehicle is not only protected, but producing the results you want.

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

Orlando Sign Company produces attractive, durable vehicle wraps that improve brand visibility, protect your fleet vehicles, and keep you looking professional for years to come.

Call Orlando Sign Company at (407) 890-8813 Today for your Free Consultation with a Vehicle Wrap Expert!