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Dentist Signs

Dental appointments aren’t exactly the most relaxing and stress-free of meetings, which is why dentists are doing their best to make every patient’s visit as calming and hassle-free as possible. One inexpensive way to help in this effort is by setting up dentist signs that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also convey important information to your patients. This way, when patients look around your clinic lobby, they are visually and mentally preoccupied and can take their mind off their nerves.

Attractive Outdoor Signage

Whether you need outdoor signs, indoor signs, wayfinders, or promotional materials for your clinic, dentist signs that are professionally designed, fabricated, and installed prove to be very effective in giving your clinic a more relaxed vibe and providing a more positive patient experience.

Orlando Sign Company has been in the sign-making business for a long time now, and we’re passionate about giving dental clinics the aesthetic, marketing, and informational tools they need to bring more patients in and to give those patients the best service possible. We have access to a vast selection of sign materials and we are proud of the fact that we can deliver signs that suit your purpose, your brand identity, and even your budget.

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Increase Patient Footfall With Effective Door Signage

Attractive Storefront Signage

When it comes to increasing patient footfall in your dental practice, the challenge isn’t really in convincing people to step in your clinic…because if the person doesn’t need to see a dentist, he just won’t do that no matter how hard you try to convince him. However, if a person is looking for a dentist to address their concern, they are highly likely to step inside your clinic if they know that you’re offering the services that they need. And the challenge is in letting people know that your clinic exists, that it’s open, and that you can help them.

By partnering with an established signage provider like Orlando Sign Company, you can have door signage that’s uniquely designed, professionally fabricated, and custom-crafted to clearly convey important information about your practice (opening hours, services offered, specializations, contact details, etc.) while sticking to your branding.

Here at Orlando Sign Company our team is trained and experienced to create door signage that attract attention, hold attention, and inform.

Impressive and Impactful Indoor Signs

Attractive Custom Indoor Signage

As a dentist, your top priority is delivering the best dental care to your patients. Giving them the best patient experience while inside your clinic is important, too. Unfortunately, you can’t always take care of both things at the same time. The good news though is that Orlando Sign Company can definitely help you out with patient experience through high-quality interior signs.

With interior signage by Orlando Sign Company, you can give your patients a great first impression the moment they step inside your clinic. We have lobby signs that can be customized to display your clinic name or your logo. You can have them made of superior quality aluminum, acrylic, or vinyl as well as be illuminated in order to achieve maximum impact. We also have room IDs, directional signs, door signs, and wayfinding signs that can be fabricated to suit your branding identity.

Versatile Digital Signage

Indoor Digital Signage

One challenge in running a dental clinic is dealing with patients’ impatience. Especially when they are in pain or uncomfortable, your patients can get quite fussy while waiting for their turn. And because you are going to be preoccupied with another patient, you will need something to help you out. This is where digital signage by Orlando Sign Company comes in.

The opportunities that digital signs can bring into your clinic are endless. Electronic signs are capable of entertaining and informing your patients at the same time. You can hook them up to your clinic’s automation system and have one portion of the screen display priority numbers, while another section of the screen displays announcements, while another portion streams videos for entertainment.

With electronic signage, your clinic can have an entertainment, information, and paging system that can definitely decrease stress levels and at the same time give your practice a more modern appeal.

Full-Service Sign Company

Full Service Sign Company

At Orlando Sign Company, we create all of our signs in-house, which is why we are confident of the quality of our work. Our graphic artists do the designs for maximum impact, our sign specialists source out the materials and craft the signs for the best quality, and our sign installers put up the signs for maximum visibility. We are proud of the work that we do and we are excited to work closely with you.

Having been in the dentist sign industry for many years now, we understand just how important high-quality signs can affect your practice. Orlando Sign Company is committed to making a positive impact on your practice with the signs that we deliver.

Free Dentist Signs Consultation

If you want to know exactly how dentist signs can bring in more patients, how they can deliver positive patient experience, and how they can entertain and inform patients, Orlando Sign Company is the best place to start.

With our expertise and experience in dentist signs, we can give you the answers, guidance, and assistance that you need. Just give us a call and we’ll have one of our most experienced signage specialists sit down and discuss the details with you.

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